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About us

Our company was born out of passion and interests that naturally became our style of life and professional career. Our long standing experience is a solid foundation for hands-on knowledge on freshwater fishkeeping. We are in the business of promoting professional fishkeeping, even for amateurs, and therefore we are serious not only about the sales of goods, but also about providing our customers with necessary and useful information on fish and equipment. We have worked in zoological sales for 16 years, and have managed online sales for 10 years. We cooperate with the largest top manufacturers from Poland and abroad, striving to expand our online and in-store product range. We aim to offer the best possible services at relatively low prices and short waiting periods.

Fishkeeping, gardening and terrarium keeping – a shop for enthusiasts

Fishkeeping and related branches make for a satisfying and healthy hobby. Forget about stress and recharge your batteries by relaxing at your own fish farm or when designing live plant-only aquariums.

Start your fishkeeping adventure with us. Robizoo is a shop to make fishkeepers’ dreams come true.

Aquariums, ponds and more.

If you need a lid for your aquarium; if you plan to purchase a special aquarium cabinet; if you are interested in beautifully made ponds or various, precisely crafted accessories – we are here for you. We offer affordable prices and immediate availability of every product in the offer.

Choose from hundreds of accessories – not only for aquarium pet owners. Robizoo is quality backed by fifteen years of experience!

Credibility, reliability, safety

Make an order and we will carry it out immediately by providing a fast courier shipment and 24-month warranty for every product purchased. Professional package protection minimises the risk of damages to the product in transport. We provide instant support in case of any problems. We provide full support for aquarium owners, building strong loyalty in our customers.

Get everything you need

Feel free to browse our full offer of fishkeeping, terrarium keeping and gardening accessories as well as extras for dog and cat owners. We deliver products for children and professional equipment for the most demanding and experienced fishkeepers. If you have any questions, feel free to call our hotline or send us an e-mail. We are here for you.

Enjoy your hobby without limits.
Robizoo means a wealth of options and a safe purchase

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